Welcome to
Mr. Hilburt's Class!
7th Grade

PLEASE check planners each night for homework assignments and notices about important papers being sent home.  I will sign it each night so you can be certain what is written is accurate.

7th Grade students will be using Prentice Hall textbooks and will be provided online access to the textbook.  Information on how to access the textbook and other resources will be sent home the first week of school.  The five main Math topics that we will be covering are The Number System, Ratios & Proportional Reasoning, Expressions & Equations, Geometry, and Statistics & Probability.  

PSSA Released Tests

     ~link to PA Department of Education PSSA Math page:

Independent Study Projects  (choose one per quarter)
NFL QB Rating
Vacation Time
Shopping Spree
     Shopping Spree Cost Worksheet
     Binary Worksheet
NBA Statistics II
     NBA Statistics II Worksheet
Fancy Schmancy Catering
How Many Degrees Are Enough
Back In The Day

Common Core Standards can be downloaded here:
7th Grade Math Common Core Standards.docx
23.7 KB


Tests/Quizzes  (40%)

    ~all chapter tests/quizzes, correction sheets


Projects/Presentations  (20%)

      ~Math XL lessons


 Class Work/Participation  (30%)

      ~Pearson workbook

      ~ADD lessons

      ~I-Ready workbook lessons


Homework  (10%)

      ~Math Xl copybook (showing work from XL lessons_



      *late work will NOT be accepted

      *it is your responsibility to read and completely follow all directions

      *ALL work must be shown to receive full credit

      *You are STRONGLY encouraged to complete and turn in assignments

                   well BEFORE any due date

      *Work is NO LONGER allowed to be turned in via e-mail

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