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Class Policies
Grade Reports:
Grades are available for review on the SIS portal and are available for you to review at any time. Interim reports will be sent home at the middle of each quarter to alert parents of academic progress.  Parents are expected to check the student planner each night to be certain homework assignments are being completed and to remain current with what is going on in class. 


Flyers and/or notices sent home with students may not reach you.  Important information is sent home via e-mail each week to parents so that they receive this information quickly and securely.  It is critical that we have a valid e-mail address for all parents. 

2018-2019 Jenks Middle School Dress Policy


*Navy blue polo shirt  (either solid color or with Jenks logo)
*Navy Blue cardigan or sweater vest.   (no hoodies)
*Belair (hunter green/navy blue plaid) skirt or navy/khaki dress pants.  Skirts should be knee-length.  Pants cannot be skinny cut.  
*Black/brown dress shoes, or sneakers.  No boots except for days of inclimate weather (snow or ice)
*Hair accessories must be navy blue, gold, or white. Bandanas are not permitted.  Earrings must be kept as studs only.  Flashy jewelry will not be tolerated.  


*Navy blue polo shirt  (either solid color or with Jenks logo)
*Navy blue cardigan or sweater vest  (no hoodies)
*Navy/khaki dress pants (no cargo pants)
*Black/brown dress shoes, or sneakers.  No boots except for days of inclimate weather (snow or ice)

The above uniform policy is for 
Monday through Thursday of each week.  On Fridays students may wear khaki pants and any Jenks shirt (Field/Color Day, Museum Week, Chess team, sports, etc.).

Phys. Ed Uniform
*Solid navy blue sweat pants (no stripes or logos)
*Solid navy blue t-shirt or any Jenks shirt (Museum Week, etc.)
*The only logo that may be worn is the Jenks logo

Casual ("dress down") Days  
Certain days will be designated as Casual Days and the following guidelines should be used when selecting clothing for these days:
        ~no ripped or tight jeans
        ~no white undershirts worn as outer wear
        ~no headwear (hats, bandanas, etc.)
        ~no inappropriate logos, text, or pictures
        ~no sandals, flip flops, slippers, or open-toe shoes 


Parents may either purchase a navy blue polo shirt on their own from a store of their choosing or purchase a navy blue polo shirt with the Jenks logo for a reduced price via the Custom Ink group order.  The Custom Ink group order for MSA uniform polo shirts closes September 7th so you MUST order shirts BEFORE this date to receive the group discount.  After this date the shirts will be printed and shipped to Jenks and teachers will distribute to students once the shirts arrive.  An e-mail will be sent to parents at this time letting you know that the shirts have arrived and are being sent home.

Link to Custom Ink group order:  https://www.customink.com/g/rtj0-00bg-r57x

Link to youth sizing guidelines:  

Link to adult sizing guidelines:  

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